We offer a variety of services to get the best out of small business owners. Our coaching is all around getting the biggest outcome for the smartest effort.

Perfect for: Small business owners and entrepreneurs. You might be just starting out and need support and structure, or you’ve been in business a few years and feel stagnant and need help moving forward.

  • Unlimited Coaching
  • Resources on the Intranet
  • Phone/email support
  • 8 business training days


Perfect for: People in corporate management and leadership roles that want to learn how to coach and empower their staff.People that have studied coaching but feel that they are not quite an expert yet. They feel they need

People that have studied coaching but feel that they are not quite an expert yet. They feel they need to improve.

Brave people who want a change of career, and wish to embrace coaching as their career of choice.

  • 4 Coaching sessions
  • ONLINE resources library
  • Personal coach mentor
  • Pathway to accreditation to ICF

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to be a coach, or to improve their coaching and business skills.

Business owners who want to improve and increase communication with their staff, and improve their sales.

  • Unlimited Coaching
  • Resources on the Intranet
  • Phone/Email support
  • 8 course training days



Get clear on how best to communicate to others.


From small business to life coaches


Getting you writing and generating clients!

Biz Managers

Know how to help your teams grow to their full potential

Our Areas of Expertise


Life isn’t meant to be stale. It’s so easy to get stuck in the comfort of life, of the day-to-day tasks. We’re familiar with risk and we’ve pulled off great feats through it. We want to help you do the same, in a safe environment, with ongoing feedback to help guide you into helping your actions pay off BIG.

Maureen Pound Coaching is built on bravery, ever since Maureen took the plunge and bravely jumped into running her own successful business. The biggest achievements in life come from moments of courage.

Taking Action

How many plans have you got for your business? How many tasks on your to-do list? What if you knew you would accomplish all of them? Not could, or should, but would. When you say you’ll do something- you do it. We are constantly seeking the best way to take action because we understand it to be the most vital ingredient in changing lives.

Maureen Pound Coaching strives to take action every day, in our work, our personal lives, in order to lead by example.

Working smarter, not harder

You also want a life outside of your business, right? One which you can actually spend the fruits of your business on for holidays, family, investing and growing. What’s the point if you’re in an endless loop of work that gives only minimal payoff?

Maureen Pound Coaching has a proven track record for helping small business owners reach the great heights of success, using smart tools and techniques that will get you there faster and with less effort. You only have so much energy to spend and so many hours in a day to spend it on, you need to utilise that as best you can for the biggest output.

Breaking the old mindset

Your brain is formed by habits. Those habits cycle on autopilot unless you act to change them, and when you’re in it, you often can’t see it. We have expertise and experience in helping you see the mindset blocks that are stopping you, and changing them.

Our team at Maureen Pound Coaching sees your potential, understands your passion, recognises how hard you work. We have the tools, techniques and experiences to get your mind laser focused and into healthy, positive habits.

Why Choose Us

  • You will see results quickly– We know how the brain works and how best to apply effective strategies to help you take action.
  • You will reach the goals YOU want to reach– We don’t push you towards any expectations or imposed goals, we stand by your side on your journey and celebrate your achievements with you. These are your goals, dreams and plans, and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen.
  • You will create permanent, ongoing change– We aren’t just there to set off fireworks in your life, that will die momentarily. We want to help you make the serious change that will support you for the rest of your life.
  • You will make progress at YOUR own pace – We understand the struggles and frustration of real life and change. We are not here to pressure you, we are here to guide you in the best way that will help you feel good about taking action, and in control of your life.
  • You will have support whenever you need it – We offer unlimited support because we know that you will have LOTS of questions and situations that crop up on a day to day basis. Learning doesn’t happen in one session, it’s an ongoing, step-by-step process that takes time. We want to be your number one resource for anything you need to know.
  • You will have a safe, open and comfortable space with us– We provide advice and feedback and will guide you in a space you feel good enough to take risks and make changes in. We don’t judge you, or set expectations for you, we provide the water and the sunlight to help you grow.

What Client’s Say

Just to let you know I gave Sarah a bonus of $7,500 for the last year as she exceeded her budget by 20%. I also increased her salary to $90k with a consequential increase in her charge out rate and monthly budget. This was only done with the assistance of your good work throughout the year.
MD, Melbourne Financial Consultants
The barometer of my success is how much I feel in control. Since working with Maureen the business is largely running itself. This is because she has helped me identify and address the bits that used to be beyond my control. I am now fixing things before they go wrong. And I have confronted and tamed the demons that were lurking in the too hard basket.
Shane Scanlon, CEO, Mediation Communications
Maureen has helped me develop a structured approach which has resulted in us all being more effective.
The coaching sessions help us to confront problems head-on, break them down and find easy, manageable answers & solutions
Marie Griggs, Regional Marketing Manager, Stockland