So you’ve taken the plunge and hired people. Maybe they freelance for you occasionally, maybe they have ongoing hours, but either way you need to keep track of them.

Checking in every now and then is good, but our goal is to remove the need for you to initiate that check ups and it automatically happen.

Consistency and regularity is important. Using a platform that you can all meet on, and give updates to, will create a central hub which will automatically give you updates about the project your team members are working on.

You can use the project management tools I’ve suggested in here. Reminders and follow ups and can be automated using the same tools, so that when one thing is marked, you get notified.

On top of that utilize ongoing chats like Slack or Flowdock to have team meetings and keep the conversation flowing rather than getting stuck in email.

Schedule automatic emails to go out to each team member each week or month to get updates from them, and ask them about their progress otherwise. In their response you can assess if you need to provide support, or give your clients updates about the status of the project.

Being a great boss includes keeping on top of what your team is doing, and then giving them what they need when they ask for it so that the workload doesn’t bottleneck.