Over this past month of #automatejune I’ve suggested a LOT of apps to help you out in your business. You may have caught some and thought “Oh! I’m going to check that out!” And then your cat leaves a hairball on the carpet, and then the kids break your favourite garden pot, and a customer calls you, and…

But fear not. You don’t need to scroll through our entire past month just to remember what those tools were, because I’ve got them listed here for you!

They’re listed under categories for your convenience.

WARNING: If you’re anything like me you’ll start clicking links and want to sign up to ALL of them because they look so shiny and special. Before you go in, write down your priorities for tools in each of these categories:

  • Social media/marketing
  • Sales pipeline
  • eCommerce
  • Invoicing
  • Project management
  • Client communication
  • Team updates

Refer to your business manifesto. If you haven’t done one yet, that’s STEP ONE. While using these tools will benefit you, you want to become an AUTOMATION MASTER. And that isn’t going to happen unless you have a path. Your business manifesto is your path, otherwise you could just be walking into another dark and gloomy forest where hours of your life disappear and you can’t see the sky.

So once you’ve done your business manifesto then click here and find out what tools and apps are going to absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND: http://www.maureenpound.com/automation/complete-list-automation-software-apps-small-business/.