Who Is Maureen Pound?

To bring permanent, positive change in the lives of small business owners, through the change of mindset. To inspire fun, creativity, and bravery in everyday life and work, and teach entrepreneurs and professionals alike to be a business rock star!
To act through fun and courage. To step outside of our comfort zone and BE the change we want to see in the world. To help small business owners be all that they can be.
Be Passionate About Life

LIVE the life you want, don’t accept surviving every day. Make choices and have experiences that will fuel that fire inside you.

Encourage and Support

See the power, strength and possibility of everyone around you, and within yourself. We want you to know that you’re not alone, and we’ll do all we can to help you reach heights you never believed you could.

Learn Every Day

The only limits in your life are the ones you put upon yourself. Trust that you can know, and do, more. Enjoy the process of expanding your mind, be a sponge for the world around you.

Be Adventurous and Have Fun

Do things your way, in a way only you can. Break your own rules, take chances, and do it with joy. Life is too short to take seriously, remind yourself why you made the choices you did.

You can expect compassion, understanding, motivation. To bring a perspective of humour and joy into action, and reignite the coals of passion and get them roaring again.

The skills our clients love and learn from us

Old mindset change 90%
Business ACTION 95%
Working SMARTER not harder 85%
Strategies and techniques 75%

Meet Our Team

Maureen Pound
Maureen PoundOwner and Business Coach
15 years years ago Maureen Pound was a well-educated, bored employee with no savings.

She is NOW a published author, has a growing coaching company, 3 investment properties and is a solo mum with 2 IVF children (who are also growing!)

She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs who have been in business a while, and are a bit frustrated, to pick the pace of growth, get the right sort of clients on board and KEEP THEM!

Now it must be said she does like the limelight too, having appeared in major publications around the world, such as the The Age, Business Review Weekly, HR Asia and Australian Property Investor Magazine.

She believes that if a business owner combines great education and tools with a well -trained, experienced business coach to help them get clear and keep going, (even when things get tough) then there will be no stopping them.

She has also personally coached over 1,000 business owners over the last 15 years so knows the issues they face every day.

She has worked internationally and has visited over 40 countries (after driving around Australia in a Holden HZ station wagon in her early 20s).

She has done the tallest bungee in the world, been canyoning, white water rafting, hiked the Inca Trail jumped out of a plane and definitely makes the most of life.

She knows what it’s like to feel stuck or overwhelmed in your business (and want to hide under the covers occasionally), but believes it’s best to have a whinge then get over it and on with it.

Life is way too short!

She believes that being in business is like a crazy rollercoaster but that if you signed up for the ride, why not enjoy every bit of it! She supports business owners to do just that.

Anthony Capes
Anthony CapesBusiness Coach
Having spent over 18 years in the corporate world I was starting to wonder what I was really doing as I was no longer enjoying myself. Yes I was being challenged and learning but I knew something was missing.

When I took a step back and asked myself what part of my career I enjoyed, it was helping colleagues to become solution focussed and their best self in the workplace.

Fast forward and here I am, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs get the best out of themselves and their businesses full time. I enjoy the close, intimate relationship you can build with a client, helping them navigate the tough times as well as celebrating the wins along the way.

Beyond the office, I have a passion for health, sport and fitness. That may explain why I am so passionate about people ‘having a crack’ and supporting them to create and grow their own business.

Scarlett Rugers
Scarlett RugersBusiness Coach
I have run my own successful book design business for over seven years, and my desire to help people transform their dreams into reality lead me onto the pathway of becoming a business coach.

I approach business as an organism, feeding it as best I can and watching it flourish. I’m so passionate about living the life you want, which is someone anyone can do. With a combination of time, direction, and small actions we can move great mountains.

I have in-depth experience with design, customer service, automation, process, and teaching. My insights into human behaviour and process give me an effective and potent ability to help others reach their dreams achieve more than they ever believed possible.